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Endless Edges Brownie Pan

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Endless Edges Brownie Pan

Stop fighting over the edge pieces!

Everyone knows (or at least they should) that the edge pieces of a brownie are by far the most delicious. So here is a gadget that solves that time old problem of who gets the edge pieces.

With this durable and non stick all edge brownie pan everybody will be able to enjoy their brownies with a crisp and chewy outer edge.

Easier to separate ingredients.

Someone love walnuts in their brownies but everyone else hates them?

Brownie Pan Without EdgesThe all edge brownie pan also makes it really easy to add any ingredients to part of your brownie that you don’t want to get mixed up in the whole thing.

The verdict?

A pretty ingenious invention that will help to solve a lot of fights over the ‘best piece’.

For chocolate lovers (or anyone with kids) this is something definitely worth adding to your kitchen!

How much? $34.95
Where from?
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