Amber Black Mini Portable Laptop

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Very high quality aluminum, feels professional-grade solid and sturdy. Screen resolution is crisp, even outdoors in the sunlight. Initial installation, upgrade downloads and first time startup took awhile, but after that all good. Keyboard though small and compact is still usable, can able to hammer out 35 wpm on it. Operating system runs smoothly on most basic applications, installed Office 365 and it works clean. Battery life is very good, can use it all day at work and then charge it when get back home. Overall i recommend this for people who like a novelty palmtop and also for people who need to make quick edits in Office or other basic productivity applications while on the go. Easier and more convenient in my opinion than using Office on an iPad/Android tablet.

Product Description

What is GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black Verion ?

There are many Ultrabooks on the market,but they are bulky and hard to carry.Last year,we have successfully launched a laptop.With an Intel x7-8750 processor and a 7-inch screen,it is lightweight,ultra-thin,and can be put into a handbag or pocket.We named it Pocket.It‘s the perfect laptop for light or mobile office crowds.Everyone loved it.This year,Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 will redefine the ultimate portable laptop.

Small ultra-portable laptops are always poor in performance,while laptops with good performance are often large and less portable.The Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 aims to provide the perfect solution delivering both power and ultra-portability.

Compared with the Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface Pro (m3), GPD Pocket 2 is more fashionable,smaller,portable and has the advantage of having an active cooling system.The GPD Pocket 2 is well suited for high-end business professionals.

With 1.5 times the performance of the previous generation Pocket,streamlined sleek and stylish design,UNIBODY machined magnalium construction rivaling the MacBook,the palm sized GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black satisfies the tastes and mobile office needs of the most discerning business professionals.

GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black – a cute and Powerful laptop on-the-go!

GPD Pocket 2

This is what GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black version offers for you:

  • UNIBODY Machined Magnalium Design: streamlined and fashionable
  • Fits in Your Pocket Easily: bring it with you anywhere
  • Lightweight, <500g: more compact than the GPD Pocket 1
  • 7-inch Screen: just the right size for maximum productivity
  • Traditional Keyboard Design: minimum user adoption; type like you used to
  • Micro SDXC Card Slot and More USB A Ports: Expand storage space without a separate USB HUB
  • Active Cooling: rather than a passive cooling thin design that sacrifices performance
  • Low Noise Operating Mode: caters to different user preferences
  • Compatible with All Chargers and Mobile Power Banks

GPD pocket 2’s Other Features

GPD Pocket 2

Amber Black GPD Pocket 2

The biggest advantage of the Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 is its active cooling design. All the most popular ultra-thin laptops on the market do not use active cooling, leading to fast frequency-reduction once the processor hits thermal limits.This reduces their effectiveness for both work and entertainment uses.With its fan based PC-level cooling solution,Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 provides great performance.

The Amber Black GPD Pocket 2 features a unique “one-button fan mute” mode which is a great boon for those who are sensitive to noise.You can work quietly or enjoy videos without system noise interfering with your experience.

wo USB A ports and one Micro SD card slot allows you to expand the storage to 2.4TB.The Intel Celeron Processor 3965Y supports the UHS 104 ultra-high-speed SD interface,with a bus speed up to 104MB/s.It also supports Micro SDXC cards. As tested,the read speed of a SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card was measured to be up to 88MB/s, and the write speed was up to 57MB/s.

Notes: currently,the max USB capacity is 1TB and the max Micro SD capacity is 400GB

Very interesting form factor. The style of the case roughly reminds of the aluminum macbooks from ~2004 which was when they had better industrial design.


Where from? Amazon.com
How Much? $569.99

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