Blockhead – Sideways Macbook Charger Head

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Annoyed that your Apple Macbook or iPad charger stick so far out of the wall? Blockhead is the perfect solution to make your charger flush with the wall. Regular Macbook charger stick out of the wall about 3.5 inches while the blockhead only takes 1.2 inches; great for an outlet behind a couch or cabinet.

A new look for the classic Apple charger

Blockhead snaps on to your existing Apple Charger,allowing it to sit flat against the wall.Now it can fit in more places than ever.

Sculpted to fit your charger, Blockhead provides a strong mechanical grip and safety-certified electrical connection.

Blockhead is compatible with all Macbook adapters, 10W, 12W and 29W iPad chargers.

Small change, big benefits

Turning your charger sideways lets it fit just about anywhere.


Deliciously thin

At just over an inch thick, Blockhead is the thinnest possible way to charger your Macbook. Even the standard cord needs twice as much room.


It is a bit difference look. However it benefits from the power plug being heavy when it plugs outlet. This item helps to reduce the heavy by put the power plug on the side.

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