Car Dashboard Camera

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The camera is amazing, very clear and the wide screen is excellent, you can see both side of the road.
You will really liking this dashcam. It has a very low profile so you hardly even notice it. Installation is a breeze. you can first plugged it into the lighter and used it to make sure you liked it. Once you did, you can hardwired it in and now you doesn’t even have to think about it. When you start the car it goes on and turns off when you shut the engine. The suction cup mount is quite secure. When you took your car in for service you removed the dashcam and was able to remove and reinstall in a second or two.

Product Description


During the day the camera is quite impressive but the real test is how it performs at night. The night vision is quite impressive and is many steps above the others dashcam. This is the kind of clarity you really need at night to make out license plates, etc.

This one is definitely a keeper.

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How Much? $69.99

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