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Inflatable Water Walking Ball

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Inflatable Water Walking Ball

Now you really can walk on water!

Prepare to experience the water in a whole new way with this awesome inflatable water walking ball that allows you to literally walk on water. This unique invention will provide you with hours upon hours of fun as you wall, run and scramble around above the the water inside your new bubble.

These water walking balls can be used for a casual stroll across the water or to play some more involved games with a bunch of other people who are also inside walking balls. Either way you are bound to have fun with this one – there is just something ridiculously entertaining about running around in a giant bubble across water!

Walk On Water Balls

The specs.

The water walking ball wieghs 11 pounds and is 2m in diameter and 0.8mm thick.

A person can stay inside for about 15-20 minutes at a time on a sunny day and for much longer if they are are used out of sun or at night.

The verdict?

If you’re looking for a new toy to play with then this is something completely new and fun that’ll keep you entertained for hours upon end.

It’s a great way to play in the water for both adults and kids alike and is also a good source of exercise!

How much? $359.99
Where from?
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