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Jellyfish Paperweight

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Blue Jellyfish Paperweight

The coolest paperweight you’ve ever seen.

Keeping your documents and papers in place helps you to stay organized but boy can it be a pain in the butt. But with paperweights you can easily hold down stacks of paper with easy.

However most of the paperweights that are on the market are boring and bland and have nothing special about them… but that all changes with the introduction of this incredibly badass jellyfish paperweight. And quite frankly it’s probably the coolest looking paperweight that we’ve ever seen.

This glass jellyfish paperweight is a unique item that you can not only use to hold your documents and papers in place but that will spice up your office or work area and add some much needed color and life to it.

The weight is small in size and has a realistic looking jellyfish floating right in the center of it with bubbles scattered around the bottom of it’s tentacles to give it an appearance of rising to the surface.

The item it’s made using a hand blown technique which makes the each item a little bit unique and you can really see the craftsmanship that has been put into these weights.

The dimensions.

The jellyfish paperweight stands at about 6 inches high and has a diameter of 3.5 inches and it also weighs around 4.5 pounds. This gives it enough weight and covers enough space to firmly keep all of your most important documents held down.

The verdict?

If you’re looking for a stunning paperweight that’s not only functional but completely awesome to look at then they don’t come any better than this!

How much? $15.20
Where from?
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