NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger

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Why choose NANAMI fast wireless charger?

Say goodbye to tangled wires and broken charging cables. The wireless charging stand eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. The qi charger stand is always ready, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on it. No more plug in and out troubles!

At Nanami, we strive to push the boundaries of design and technology. Our products are crafted and articulated with a mindset on maintaining the highest quality standards for the ultimate mobile experience. Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority so please feel confident to stick with us!

QC3.0 Adapter Included

No more plug in and out troubles, simply place your phone and enjoy the charging convenience.

PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE both work perfectly

1.4~1.5 times faster than standard wireless charge

Auto detect and charge at max speed of device from Standard/Fast Mode

Comes with a QC 3.0 fast adapter, all you need to do is plug in the charger and you are good to go!

Smart LED Light

Soft LED lights indicate different charging status, solid blue for standby mode, green for chargging mode. Blue LED indicator will flash in 1s/time if your phone is not properly aligned or any metal objects detected! PLEASE REMOVE ANY METAL ATTACHMENT BEFORE PLACING YOUR PHONE.

Perfect Angle

Work as a phone stander whatever charging or no, optimized for comfort viewing and iPhone’s Face ID, enjoy movies or play games while charging. Provides good stability for some curved phones and decreases the chance of dropping .

      How much? $25.99

Where from?

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