Oasser Portable Air Compressor Mini Air Inflator Hand Held Tire Pump with Digital LCD LED Light Li-ion 12V 150PSI for Car Bicycle RV and Other Inflatables P1

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Excellent Quality

When you plug it into the tyre it automatically gives you the pressure. If the pressure is below what you pre-select on it, it starts working and finishes as soon as it reaches the pressure you want. If you have the start button pressed when you change tyres, you will need to presss off and on again to make it start. Lights are ok so that you can see everything when you are plugging it to the tyre valve but lights could be stronger.
Sound is not very loud and frankly tolerable but for the speed you get, it works very fast as described!

Accurate and reasonably priced

This tyre inflator is incredibly easy to use and represents excellent value for money.
It’s cable and hoses have compartsments for easy storage and the unit includes adaptors so that other inflatable devices can be used with it.
The inflator is pretty powerful and is quick to inflate from 15psi to 35 psi, quicker than a lot of forecourt air units that you use. Once you plug in to the car device plug and tyre switch on and away you go.

Product Description

Commented by Austin Fracchia

  • If your inflation needs are small, and maximum portability is important, a smaller air compressor is required. Coming in with a pocket-sized profile, the Oasser Mini is one of the smallest options available. Long and cylindrical, the compressor is easy to place in a large pocket, emergency bag, or small compartment in a car or on a bike. The motor is powerful enough to handle anything smaller than large truck tires.
  • Re-charging the battery is simple and flexible. Coming with a home and car adapter, you can re-charge the pump while on the road. Total charge time is around 1.5 hours. To ensure accurate inflation, the visible LCD panel and digital pressure gauge is large and backlit for night use. Operating the inflator is straightforward: Set the desired pressure level and hit the start button.

Questions and Answer

  • Questions and problems are answered within 24 hours
  • Email:


  • Input voltage:cigarette lighter 12V DC, adaptor 15V DC.
  • Max current: 5A
  • Rating power:60W
  • Air flow rate: 13Litres/Min
  • Max pressure:150PSI
  • Operation temperature:-20°~+60°
  • Size:1.8×2.2×7.8inches
  • Weight:1 pounds


Oasser Mini Air Inflator Portable Air Compressor with Digital LCD LED Light Li-ion 12V 150PSI for Car Bicycle RV and Other Inflatables P1


  • a. Rechargeable Powerful tire inflator, support home and car charging
  • b. Quick and easy to use, fast charging
  • c. Compact, portable, lightweight and mini design.
  • d. Come with different nozzles and adaptors that fits the car/bicycle tires/basketballs/inflatable toys/ small swimming ring,etc.
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Max Inflatable Pressure
  • Presetting Pressure
  • LED Digital Display
  • Mini & Portable
  • 3 Switchable Units
  • Multiple Accessories


  • 1×Mini Air Inflator;
  • 1×Home Charger (AC); 1×Car Charger;
  • 1×Air Hose/Tube; 1×Ball needle; 1×French Switch; 1×Swimming Rings Adaptor;
  • 1×User Manual;
  • 1×Hand Bag
led light
Great to have it
As air inflators go, this one is neat for small jobs like to check all 4 tires and return to correct pressure, which are very easy and quick to do Ideal for carrying in the boot for those nasty moments or for regular maintenance.
It is really nice to use. The machine is cool. Additionally, It is really convenient to use and really fast. you will love it.


Where from?
How Much? $45.99

Check It Out

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