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Portable Shower

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Portable Shower

Shower anywhere with the portable shower.

Just because you are out in the wilderness hiking or camping it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the comfort of having a nice hot shower. This pocket camping shower allows you to have a hot shower anywhere, anytime.

It uses solar power to heat up your water so even without any electricity the water will still be warm.

The specs.

The portable shower can hold up to 5 gallons of water and has thick reinforced front and back panels making it extra strong and durable.

Pocket Camping Shower

It’s got a wide handle grip making it comfortable to carry and has a variable flow shoer head allowing you to conserve water. It also comes with in built pockets for your soap and shampoo.

The verdict?

For anyone that likes to go camping or that spends a lot of time outdoors this ingenious device is a must have.

If you’ve ever gone trekking through the wilderness without a shower for even a few days you’ll know just how dirty you start to feel after a while… but with this portable outdoor shower you can easily get clean again. Two thumbs up!

How much? $26.99
Where from? Amazon.com
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