Running Hydration Belt

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Running Hydration Belt

The ultimate running waist pack.

If you’re serious about your running and have decided that you want to invest in a running waist pack then look no further because the running hydration belt because it really is the best of the best.

This awesome hydration belt holds two 10 ounce flasks with ease so that you can always stay hydrated whilst you run without having to stop and take breaks for water every few minutes.

The belt is made from quality leather and includes a pill pocket on the front and a elasticised Velcro fastener on the back that’s designed to stretch as little as possible.

Running Waist PackSpecs.

The running hydration belt is available in four different sizes: small (26 – 32 inches), medium (32 to 38 inches), large (38 – 44 inches) and extra large (44 to 50 inches).

The verdict?

This is a must have for all runners and probably the best running waist pack that’s on the market today. It’s also incredibly affordable making this purchase a no brainer.

We love to run and love this belt so we’re giving it the Nannzy Cool Gadgets seal of approval!

How much? $31.95
Where from?
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