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Salad Shooter Slicer

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Have a bit of fun in the kitchen by shredding your veggies to bits with this Salad Shooter Slicer.

Giving you a fast and entertaining alternative to slicing by hand, this gadget will have you devouring salads and tacos by the pounds.

Slicing or shredding veggies and cheese by hand is a menace. It results in too much clutter, dirty dishes, nicked fingers and nails.

This cool kitchen gadget, with interchangeable slicing and shredding cones, shoots the prepped food right onto the serving plate.

No extra dishes to clean, no knives, or graters. Simply load the food you want to be shredded into the motorized Salad Shooter, aim it onto the plate, and watch how evenly cut food lands right where you want it.

The motor base is easy to clean with a quick wipe while other parts are dishwasher safe. It slices and shreds vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheese, bread, and crackers. Afterward, just hide in a drawer.

I wonder if it can shoot cheese right into your mouth? Sometimes you just need that kind of pick-me-up.

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