TEK Long Arm Tablet Floor Stand

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Tablet Stand, Cell Phone Stand, Folding iPad iPhone Desk Mount Holder Tablets/Smartphones Magnetic Stand Suction Cup Long Arm Long Arm Clamp Tablet Holder
Versatile Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand Magnetic Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand Suction Cup Tablet/Phone Mount Long Arm Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand Long Arm Clamp Mount Tablet/Phone Holder 13″ Bracket Holder (Optional Part)
Model No. TS-116B TS-118B TS-136B TS-196B TS-398B TA-2B
Color Black Black Black Black Black Black
Arm Length One Arm (5.8″) One Arm (5.8″) One Arm (5.8″) Two Arms (5.8″ + 9.6″) Two Arms (5.8″ + 9.6″) N/A
Mount Style Bracket Holder Magnetic Pad Bracket Holder Bracket Holder Bracket Holder Bracket Holder
Base Style Heavy Metal Base Heavy Metal Base Suction Cup Heavy Metal Base Desk Clamp Mount N/A
Supported Phone Size 3.5″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal) 3.0″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal) 3.5″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal) 3.5″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal) 3.5″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal) 5.0″ ~ 7.0″ (Diagonal)
Supported Tablet Size 5.0″ ~ 11.0″ (Diagonal) 5.0″ ~ 13.5″ (Diagonal) 5.0″ ~ 11.0″ (Diagonal) 5.0″ ~ 11.0″ (Diagonal) 5.0″ ~ 11.0″ (Diagonal) 5.5″ ~ 15.0″ (Diagonal)
Accessory Parts Tripod Camera Adapter (Included), 13″ Bracket (Buy separately) Tripod Camera Adapter (Included), 13″ Bracket (Buy separately) Tripod Camera Adapter (Included), 13″ Bracket (Buy separately) Tripod Camera Adapter (Included), 13″ Bracket (Buy separately) Tripod Camera Adapter (Included), 13″ Bracket (Buy separately) Sold separately to pair with these 5 models
Charging Cable Hole N/A
Weight 3.0 lb 2.5 lb 1.3 lb 3.3 lb 1.5 lb 0.4 lb

Long Arm Stand

+ Enjoy complete hands-free experience for home entertainment while watching movies, reading news with your ipad and cooking dinner

+ Be more productive on work tasks with your ipad being a dual-screen for your laptop at office

+ Be more engaging at showroom, events, conference

+ Make your business transaction smoother and faster at restaurants, shops, Café, or any commercial retail store

+ Film your art creation with this sturdy mount to hold you your ipad and shoot fantastic videos above your hands

This long arm tablet mount stand can serve you all the needs of using a tablet at home and business environment. Nowadays, tech gadgets especially tablets have become essential in our daily life. We work, play, watch, read, shop, type and do business all on our tablets. These interactions with your tech gadgets will be much more enhanced and facilitated with this universal tablet holder.


1. Use both Allen Keys included to adjust damping/tightness of each joint located underneath the base and on the upper & lower arm to suit specific need for your device. Loosen the joint for easy adjustment and fasten the joint to fix an angle or withstand heavy tablets

2. Check and make sure either length or width of your tablet is in the range of the bracket holder expansion (4.5″-7.5″) in order to properly fit

3. For best stability and avoid tipping over, put upper arm & lower arm in opposite folding direction


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