Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs
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Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

Posted On November 16, 2017 at 6:12 pm by / No Comments

Fetch has just evolved to a new level and now with the hyper dog ball launcher you’ll be able to fire off tennis balls up to 220 feet away with ease sending your dog into an out of control frenzy of excitement!

The tennis ball launcher for dogs can store and comes with four tennis balls and it’s unique patented design allows you to shoot your balls in any direction that you want.

The launcher also allows you to pick the balls back up hands free so there’ll be no more having to touch slimy, slobbery balls ever again!


The hyper dog ball launcher weighs 2 pounds and measures in at 25 inches x 20 inches x 8 inches in size.

The verdict?

This is a very cool gadget and a fun way to take playing fetch with your dog to the next level.

How much? $49.99
Where from?
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