USB Fan with LED Clock

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If you’re breaking a sweat at the office this tiny USB powered fan will provide you with a breeze from your computer. It also has a built-in LED clock that will show the time as the blades of the fan spin. Its flexible neck lets you move it into any position so anyone in your workplace will be able to see its clock in all of its glory.

Product description

This amazing little usb led fan clock not only looks cool, it lets you feel cool and can show the time! Just plug clock fan into a spare USB outlet and you will have a usb led fan with clock.
Shows hour, minute and seconds hands.
It has a flexible goose neck shaft that can be moved into almost any position.
The blades are made of a soft silicone material, so can not harm your face or finger, very easy to use.
How to set the time:
Plug into a USB port and switch on the fan(it will take up to 20 seconds for LED clock to initially display)
Press and hold the ON/OFF button until minute hand starts blinking, the minute hand and hour hand will rotate clockwise
Stop in the right time you want, release your hands and leave for 6 seconds ,the time is set, a nice gift for you and your girl friend.
Included: 1 x USB LED Clock Fan

How much? $12.99
Where from?
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